Partnership Programmes - Outreach in your schools

Partnership Placements with Apprentice Supermarket

Apprentice Supermarket provides partnership placements from 3-12 weeks, longer if required, for individual pupils at risk of permanent exclusion. Pupils can attend part time or full time, depending on the need of the referring school and the pupil. Apprentice Supermarket will work on an agreed focus with the intention of reducing the risk of exclusion on return to your school and improving levels of engagement. Representatives from your schools negotiate with the relevant Key Coordinator/Head of Year to discuss what the placement should look like and with an agreed end date (where appropriate) and focus for pupil whilst in placement.

Sports Coaching

Our Sports Coaching programmes run for 15hrs with 6-10 pupils attending a bespoke facility, working on their self-esteem to improve levels of engagement for vulnerable pupils (usually boys) at risk of exclusion. This can be either in mixed or single sex groups if applicable.

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