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Back in the day…

My first major speaking engagement, was to the whole of the XDP Pallet Network as the CEO | Founder of Apprentice Supermarket in Birmingham. I presented in two shows to 3,000 independent franchise business owners. I was so nervous my voice was so high, I felt like Aled Jones.

Although I still get nervous the experience and the technique I developed gave me enough confidence to become a professional motivational speaker in employability & enterprise.

IOEE / SFEDI Group Media release 

03 November 2015


Andrew Kunman

"Andrew Kunman is one of three people to be nominated for the Small Business Apprenticeship award. 

The annual event is hosted by the Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurs (IOEE) and the Small Firms Enterprise Development Initiative (SFEDI). It brings together educators, entrepreneurs and other key figures from the UK’s small business, enterprise and skills sector. 

The Small Business Apprenticemaker Award is given in recognition of an individual who has championed the apprenticeship model in their own enterprise and beyond, demonstrating a dedication to extolling the benefits of apprenticeships for learners, SMEs and the wider economy. 

Andrew Kunman founded Apprentice Supermarket to help disengaged young people develop the skills they need to enter the workplace. His innovative programmes build self-belief and employability skills with a cohort of learners that would otherwise struggle to find employment. Andrew was inspired to set up the business based on his own experiences. Failed by education, Andrew’s first boss took the time to mentor and guide him, helping Andrew start a career that went from the shop floor to the boardroom. Andrew set up Apprentice Supermarket to provide that same opportunity to others and, through his passion and commitment, his small business has now assisted over 200 disengaged young people to access essential training and support, and helped local employers find great candidates who are ready for work”.

Andrew Kunman said:  "Being nominated for this award is an honour I share with those who started on this long journey with me in 2011. Together, we’ve guided those facing the hardest challenges of today’s society to success through apprenticeships. So it’s not only me who's proud of this nomination, we all are!”

Sophie Hardwick, Sfedi’s apprenticeships lead, said:"The thinking behind Apprentice Supermarket shows real insight into the challenges faced by young people looking to make their first foray into the world of work. Intelligently designed and boasting excellent real world application, Andrew has spotted a need and met it brilliantly.”  @TheIOEE  | #CE2015 | |

Championing Enterprise & Employability

All my School & College presentations relate in some way to my passion for Enterprise, Employability, Apprenticeships and Entrepreneurship. Most of my research based, but proven-in-practice talks, are to audiences in the private, public and third sector that wish to understand, engage with, supply, support, train or educate prospective new talent and existing staff members who have a flair for enterprise. 

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Every speech is customised for the particular audience, if you require a professional motivational speaker, that is passionate, informative and entertaining about enterprise then I hope that you will consider me. Contact Andrew.