Message from the Apprentice Supermarket CEO

Thank you for visiting our website, We are facing a wealth of challenges in society today, cuts to public spending, changes to the education industry, changes to Apprenticeship funding and the loss of many localised programs that have helped people in the past.

Our options, the resources we have available, and the way we support our clients has meant that we are needing some additional help to keep our programs alive. 

Our goal is to change as many lives as we can, help the "so called lost generation” the person or persons that have fallen through the gap of society and are in the constant cycle of benefits and have lost all self-belief in themselves and the system. 

We’ll go into the local community of a town or city and look at what is needed for that area and ensure that we can provide a training course that has a positive outcome for the individual as well as the local community. The aim is to spend quality, productive time with these persons and find out what they can do, it may be that they just want to be a cleaner, push a trolley at Asda, or run their own business. What ever they want we will give them the skills needed by them to contribute and in return they will turn up every day gain some self-respect, self-belief in themselves and in the community around them, and step by step come off benefits and become part of society again. 

We are not a government led initiative. Yet we do tackle the real problems that are faced in every town and city, we will help people who have been long term unemployed, may have been homeless, had a drink or drug problem or even an ex offender, in our combined opinion everyone deserves a chance! By working this way we do not tick the quick outcome box the government statisticians want, we don’t believe in profiting from people. We also do not focus on the "amber | green" candidates, we focus on the ones that really need the help and support, the ones that may only ever be able to volunteer as part of their payback to the tax payer or most importantly those who want a true apprenticeship with 366 days of care, help, support and mentoring to achieve just that. 

So far this year the Apprentice supermarket has helped over 221 of the most hard to reach unemployable people in communities around Northampton, sign posted where needed and enabled progression to work for over 78% with 21% of them gaining full time permanent employment. 

We really want to continue our work for many years to come, working with you or where the need arises. We do not want to be dictated to by the prime contractors saying you must do this & you must do that or we will take away your funds. We want to do what is needed for each individual and we need help to do so. I do hope you find it in your heart to help our cause, in the form of a donation, or an investment no matter how big or small it all counts.

Our target is to raise £100,000.00 each year to maintain the levels of service we provide at the moment.

If you’d like more information on our projects, don’t hesitate to contact us

Kindest regards
Andrew Kunman FinstSMM 

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Since 2011 we have helped over 220 young adults gain access to pre-employability courses in the community

We have placed over 150 into appreticeships

We were shortlisted for the Small Business Apprenticemaker Award

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