Academy Coaching - Badminton

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Welcome to Apprentice Supermarket Badminton Academy

Train like the Pros, Play like the Pros - Badminton coaching run and designed by Steve Butler - Forza Badminton UK


Our aim - To help all players, of any ability reach their potential, play with confidence and enjoy the game.

Course duration: 15hrs

Apprentice Supermarket Badminton Academy

15 Hour Engagement Plan

Hour Warm Up Drill Game
1 Agility Footwork Underhand Hitting Technique Forecourt Zone Game
2 Agility Footwork Tag Underhand Hitting Technique Forecourt Zone Game
3 Agility Footwork Number Game Combining Hitting and Footwork with Overhand Shots Diagonal Zone Game
4 Agility & Throwing Serving and Overhead Technique Half Court Danish
5 Catch & Throw Overhead Hitting Techniques Half Court Singles
6 Shadow Badminton Backhand Rear Court Forecourt / Rear Court
7 Hip Turn and Agility Combining Rear Court Shots & Tactics Half Court Singles
8 Footwork & Agility Moving & Hitting with Tactical Moving & Hitting with Tactical Emphasis
9 Shadow Badminton Hitting with Variation Forecourt Crosscourt Half Court
10 Player Led Hitting with Variation Rear Court Crosscourt Half Court
11 Player Led Doubles Routines working as a team Full Court Doubles
12 Player Led Tactical Awareness Progression Match Play Games
13 Player Led Movement & Hitting Progression Full Court Singles
14 Player Led Player Improvement Session Doubles & Singles
15 Tournament and evaluation

Warm up (10 mins)- All Exercises will mirror moves performed in Match Play

Drills (30 mins) – All Drills are based on the essentials players need at World Class level but are taught at basic level using simple techniques.

The theme of the course will be to always get the racket to the shuttle as early as possible, as this will give the student the best opportunity to put their opponent under-pressure.

The importance of body posture and racket carriage will accelerate the student’s knowledge quickly so development should be quite rapid.

Drills will require the student to work within a team environment and outcomes will only be achieved through co-operation and communication between the students.

Games (20 mins) – These games will provide the student the opportunity to quickly implement the technique in a competitive situation.