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Call to Action | Pre Employability, Traineeships & Apprenticeships

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Why is the system still failing, does the Government listen to the people on the street who are actually dealing with the "So Called Lost Generation”?

Kids Disengaged at School

Since time began there have always been those that can and those who cannot, those who succeed and those who fail. Those who save and those who spend. Those who behave and those who don’t…..So why are we so shocked by this?

The problem is no one wants to take control of this situation, focus on the individual and the correct outcome. This is a never ending cycle because the wheels came off this bike a very long time ago!

Schools are so restricted that they either help the "Special & Gifted” or the ones with "Special Needs” to tick their Ofsted | Funding criteria….So what happens to the ones that fall through the cracks?

I know this as I was one who fell through that crack, I was brought up in a single parent household due to my father illness with siblings some seven years older than me. I enjoyed my junior and middle school but struggled at my grammar school, then really left to my own devices. Poor career advice, no help and support from an ageing parent and siblings who had gone off to create their own way in the world. I knew right from wrong, good from bad, work from not working, yet always felt a forgotten child, stigmatised and that lived with me right up until my 45 birthday.

Difference now with the modern technology, internet, reality TV, most now believe that they can have their 5 minutes of fame, win the X factor, marry a footballer or become and internet sensation!  What happens to the other 97% of you then? 

School | College | Benefit?

The school system now has to make sure you stay within the system otherwise they move you to another school as you have become disengaged, they need to keep you in the system due to a fine of up to £10,000 for their failure to keep you engaged, but do they actually want to help or have they given up on you? 

Not all schools do and I currently work with some that spend as much time trying to re-engage as they do with the others. But by this time your grades have suffered and what alternative do you have now? Stay on and re sit (probably not) try a College course that you will probably enrol, start and drop out.
Now you become a statistic in the Government world and you start on the tread mill of Job Centre Plus and associated training providers who are now going to try and receive an outcome payment.

Do they care about the harder to reach of you out there? I bet some of you have been on courses that are of no relevance to you or indeed may never even use the certificate e.g. Fork Lift Licence, Warehouse Course, First Aid, you may have well done basket weaving for all of the good these would do. Yet the provider claims the money and you go on your way.

We have developed a programme for delivering within the school environment aimed at those pupils who are dis-engaged from main curriculum and harder to reach, these are the individuals most likely to add to the NEET figures when they leave school.

Job Centre | Prime & Sub Contractors

How many candidates CV state that "I am a hardworking individual that can work well in a team” Yet some have never worked or indeed done any volunteering. 

Do the these providers think as an employer we are stupid, this just shows a "soft outcome” they have been put on a "tactile course” to help build confidence but in reality it does the reverse.

Candidate Disillusioned 

Confidence, belief in the system that has already failed them are they able to do the job, what can they actually do versus what the system states they should do. Forced to apply for roles that they have no chance of getting yet alone receive a reply from the employer!

Again at no point have any of these providers actually got to know the candidate, what makes them tick, what they struggle with, what they can actually bring to the party. Are they going to add value to an SME desperate to help the "so called lost generation”?

|Apprentice Supermarket Pre Employability Course

So by the time they come on our course, they have often been mandated so we get the shrug of the shoulders, lateness and lack of interest. Give us just two days and you start to see the transformation. The reason we speak to them as a friend, mentor and as a boss, not talk at them as a teacher pupil relationship.

At no point are any of them aware of the terms like: NDA | SLA | KPI

Do they know what these are, why these can impact on them?

They sure do and very quickly realise what is needed of them as an employee from an employer’s perspective, after they have completed a course between 40 & 80 hours we endeavour to get every single candidate sign posted into a work experience, traineeship or apprenticeship role. 
Just have a look at Chanelle story: 

The difference is we take the time to look at each individual needs, what can they do, what can they offer and the role that even if they were to do it for free to start with what can they do and give 100% effort to gain then development. Our course results to date are as follows;

Course attendees —150 |  Achievement Rate —92% | Gaining Work Experience —57% | Gaining Employment —34%

In the community:

Currently we have worked with a group from the ENFG in Rusden who are either homeless, live in sheltered accommodation or have had an addiction problem.

15 attended, 12 completed, 8 now in volunteering roles within the community. These candidates you would have passed them by if they were begging in the street, yet the pride and willingness to get them out of this position is so humbling, we are all only 5 consecutive steps away from being in this position…”There for the grace of God go I”.

Work Experience | Benefit Claims

I think is should be mandatory similar to National Service that everyone who has fallen through the gap from School has a constructive intervention from one of our courses, we can then sign post them if they need specialist help and support or develop a volunteering | work experience roles within their local community. This allows them to get to the place of work and allows the employer to build their trust and confidence in them.

As an employer, I started with 10 of the most hard to reach lost individuals gave them all an apprenticeship, no college would underwrite their apprenticeship, the national apprenticeship service and local MP’s waxed lyrical about what I was doing yet went very quiet. 366 days on every single one passed their NVQ and are all still in employment.

Q: So if I can do this why are the larger providers failing?

A: They are so focused on how they spend the Government funding and not reversing the process of looking at the outcome first and what would it cost to achieve this.

Scandal after scandal. A4E, Group 4 Security failure after failure yet it’s still allowed to continue.

Why is there an abundance of ‘trainers/assessors’ available for work? It’s simply that whilst a training company has the contract and the associated money, they spend it, and when they fail to deliver the contract, often leaving the candidate and the assessor high and dry, they then close their business down taking all the money that’s left with them! Yet there are providers like us here at Apprentice Supermarket, wanting to change this situation. Why aren’t we embraced, given a contract to develop our Traineeships? 

The MP’s are so detached from the kid on the street! They haven’t got a clue about the real life situation being faced by our young adults, each and every week they are putting themselves forward to employers, being asked to fill roles that they are not capable of doing. We hear of young adults being sent on hair dressing vacancies when they have specifically stated they want to be a brick layer. This creates a level of nervousness and mistrust for the next candidate who if trained, mentored and supported correctly might just be that "diamond wrapped in brown paper” however other’s experiences will put the candidate off.

So all this leaves an awful scenario. Young adults, whose confidence and belief in the system that has already failed them, are again facing uncertainty! Again they fear they will be forced to apply for roles that they have no chance of getting, yet alone receiving a reply from the employer! The opportunity to get out of the system offered by a provider has gone. It’s not their fault, they have gone through the enrolment process, started to achieve parts of the program and then without a thought for them, they are dumped by their provider, to go back to the JCP office and start all over again. 

If I was in charge of the welfare programme, each claimant who can work would be put on to a Traineeship, having to work a minimum of 16 hours with the aim that within 12 months they will be taken on by a local business who can then mentor, guide and develop their career plan.

Join my Call to Action today, I want to hear your experiences, I want to explain to you how a traineeship works, if during this explanation our Traineeship fits with your requirements and we have spaces available, we can discuss this further. Until then let’s show the government the benefits of Traineeships. If you are a School, JCP office, College or Employer looking for another option please call our team today 

Office 0845 128 1456 ref "Call to Action” or email