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Do I need to sell a Kidney?

Thursday, March 3, 2016

"If I had a £1.00 for every time…….
If I had a £1 for every time somebody said they liked the innovative way we have helped the "so called lost generation”, I would not be blogging this request for help! How many times do we get asked to donate by the Media, Newspapers, TV or Online?

At that point something pricks at our conscience and we pick up the phone OR go online & donate! Only when we review our bank statements that we ASK does OUR donation make a difference or actually get to the one’s in need. Be honest we have all probably thought that!

We at Apprentice Supermarket CIC have spent every single penny in the community we work in, by renting local community venues, paying for all food and refreshments for the candidates who attend our course, pay tutors, admin & certifications.

Since 2011 we have employed 16 apprentices, all passed their Lv2 NVQ, 10 passed their Lv3 & 2 gained a PTTL’s Qualification to help deliver our Pre Employability & Enterprise courses in the community.

Since 2013, we have helped over 221 disengaged young people in the community gain access to much valued pre-employment & enterprise courses and gaining much valued skills that allows them to build their self belief confidence and bridged that gap between unemployable & employability. Each of those successful candidates has volunteered in their local community which allowed them to be able to integrate back into society in a safe and unpressurised manner.

Social media, does this actually work?

I have 3,400+ connections on LinkedIn & we are asking for help from each and every one of you to help us too be self supporting through our own contributions. Not have to rely on ticking the government box’s and go cap in hand for the scraps of the prime providers table!

If you can find it in your heart to help us provide much needed intervention in the community and help more of the "so called lost generation” all we are asking for is £1.00 per month, £12.00 per year. Every donation that we receive will be used in the community where it is needed the most.

What can we buy for £1? Coffee at McDonald's, sausage roll, Newspaper? To Donate please follow this link:

Thank You for taking this time to read, donate & re circulate this request & please remember. "It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent it's the ones that are more adaptable to change ".

Andrew Kunman CEO | Founder