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Solving the Employment Puzzle Social Return On Investment Report

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

The Founder presents report for the years 2012/15

 SROI Report 2012/15 – October 2015

Download the full report 

The principle activity of Apprentice Supermarket is the provision of teaching the theory of business & enterprise to get young people and adults into work or further education and reduce their reliance on benefits. Based in Northamptonshire, we expertly deliver training, workplace learning and bespoke training in a variety of areas, including programmes in…

  • Enterprise
  • Pre-Employability
  • Logistics & Supply Chain
  • Health & Social Care
  • Contact Centre Operation

In 2014/15 Apprentice Supermarket continued to delight our supporters by delivering innovation and showing that our alternative way of doing things really works.

In addition more emphasis was placed on working with ‘harder to reach’ individuals, those that are so far disengaged from society they are often overlooked for work or support. This included working with East Northants Community Services on their ’Unlocking Your Potential’ programme aimed at supporting individuals who were homeless, had substance abuse issues and mental health issues. Apprentice Supermarket also supported 11 ex-offenders on licence in an attempt to re-motivate them and open up opportunities for work.

In 2014 Apprentice Supermarket also agreed to work in partnership with specialist recruitment company BiS-Henderson during the partnership with BiS and we secured an apprenticeship contract of £1.9m and associated staff to deliver.

New strategic partnerships have been formed with Enable, NITAL, East Northants Community Services, LSC Contract Services, Impact Futures, Police & Crime Commission & the Offender Management & Probation team

We continued to develop our SFEDI Centre securing direct claims status in 2014 and being nominated in the SFEDI & IOEE Celebrating Enterprise 2015 Awards. 

I am also delighted to say that the results of our continuing SROI shows we deliver a Social Return on Investment (SROI) of £3.54 forevery £1 of investment or funding. We are continuing to develop our social impacting projects and aim to deliver even greater SROI in the coming years.

Since 2011 Andrew Kunman has invested over £100,000 of his own money because he felt, it was important to get it right from the start’

SROI Executive Summary

Stakeholder Definition Amount Saved
Local Economic Regeneration Money generated for the local economy (via volunteering & work experience) £80,263
Prison Savings to the Ministry of Justice (based on reducing re-offending rate of 46% of cohort) £169,316
Homeless Savings to the state by supporting the homeless and those at risk of being homeless £66,250
Health Saving for UK tax payer (as a result of improved motivation, outlook and health) £18,039
DWP Savings to state by creating permanent jobs (£8,160 per head according to Tax/Benefit model First order fiscal benefit of obtaining work) £399,840

Social Return on Investment Report 2015

  Total Investment Includes funding claimed) £207,325
Total SROI £733,708  
SROI =  £3.54 return per £1 invested/funded

 Goals & Values

 Our Goal – "the aim of Apprentice Supermarket is to develop the self-belief, lifeskills, business skills and employability of unemployed young people and adults”

Our Values – keep it simple, respect the individual, treat every pound as your own and make a positive difference to our community. 

Keep it simple -Apprentice Supermarket provides an intensive programme where individuals will learn everything they need to know about a real working environment. From what is an entrepreneur, understanding customer needs, your impact on the business, customer service skills, to interview techniques, CV structuring advice and confidence building. 

Respect for the individual -Apprentice Supermarket has a high retention rate for its course candidates, volunteers and staff (95% retention rate). We have comprehensive HR policies and procedures plus a student code of conduct clearly detailing what is expected. We take equality and diversity seriously and will not stand for any incidents of bullying, harassment or discrimination. We have recently undertaken training under the Government’s new ‘Prevent’ agenda.

 Treat every pound as your own- Apprentice Supermarket continues to generate a small profit utilising funding to deliver effective programmes helping people improve their opportunities, motivation and outlook in life. We invest in candidate support by providing lunch, transport and loaning IT equipment, we keep overheads to a minimum utilising community group facilities ensuring any room hire fees go back into the community projects. 

Make a positive difference to our community -We want to be at the very heart of the communities in which we work. Our approach has been to ensure we are a consistently considerate neighbour and to demonstrate our support for local communities by offering advice, support and practical help wherever possible.

We currently work in partnership with East Northants Community Services supporting their projects through delivery of enterprise and employability courses, supporting their CAP Job Club delivery and encouraging course candidate to offer their time as volunteers. In addition to Job Centre Plus (JCP)

Over the past few years we have worked with Connexions, Catch 22, Enable, Futures, Hope Centre, College of North West London, Papworth Trust, and Ingeus.

Headline Results

 Course attendees —221

 Course Retention rate—95%

 Qualification Achievement Rate —92%

Total progressing to Work Experience | Volunteering |FE | Employment — 78%

Employment outcomes 21%

Signposted due to health and substance issues— 5%

Secured SFEDI Accreditation – Direct Claim Status

Secured over £2.5m of commercial business for logistics clients

Generated £45,500 of commercial income since 2013

Supported 10 members of staff through Apprenticeships – L2, L3 & PTLLS

 £110,000 of funding utilised


Boot Camp for employers

Pre-employability & Enterprise

Community Programmes

CAP Job Club trained coaches

Programme for schools aimed at disengaged pupils or at risk of expulsion

Evidence Base for SROI Report

SROI methodology is not an exact science and uses a wide range of methods to collate information. The following list is designed to share some of our best practice and explain our rationale behind our thinking, justification and assumptions.

Prison Reform Trust – Prison the facts Summer 2014

Average cost of a prison place is £36,808

46% of adults are reconvicted within one year of release

We assumed we reduced that to 23% of those we trained

The Global Value Exchange – first order fiscal benefit from workless claimant entering work

Prevention and Preventative Spending (Health England)

Don’t mind me: adult mental health problems (New Philanthropy Capital 2009)

Cabinet Office – A social return on investment

NEF – Investing for social value

Consultancy with