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Dear Prime Minister...

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Dear Mr Cameron,
Please excuse this letter and I appreciate that you may not even read this as you are busy trying to save the UK & EU, I would like to make you aware of our plight to help the "so called lost generation”.

Since 2011 when "apprenticesupermarket” was formed we have helped over 221 young adults gain enterprise & employabilitity skills allowing them to enter into the world of work. Some of these young people have left school with little or no education or even help to access work. Our demographic of people we have helped have had drink, drug, mental health issues, homeless and ex offenders. Yet all of them want the help to be able to make a contribution back into their community. We have also placed over 150 others into apprenticeships.

The gap between un-employability & employability is massive for both the candidate and the SME employer who would really like to help and support an apprentice. But sadly too many training providers and colleges once on the government’s gravy train have forgotten about that individual needs.
This is where we are different we look at every candidate individually, if they are only able to push a trolley at Asda then we will ensure that they can achieve this and if they want to volunteer as a community special then we help them achieve this too. We are not a recruiter but we give them the help and support on their first stage of getting into work gaining confidence, self belief and the correct mindset that an employer would want to see from them.
As a tax payer, I do not mind paying benefits to anyone as long as those that are able to contribute back in to society do, yet sadly the institutions do not work on this issue. Schools are lacking in commercial and corporate understanding of the world of work, training providers and colleges are precious about their funding they have and react according to if they have enough or not! Large institutions that set out with all good intend become money driven like A4E, Group 4, and Children Co. The people that really suffer are the candidates and the trainers in those organisations.

This unfortunately does not help the local issues and the trust becomes lost with the individual and the local company wanting to help take on someone to expand their business. We ensure that all candidates go through our pre employability enterprise & employability programme to understand their roles and responsibilities in the work place. This then leads them into the volunteering to gain valuable work experience and ultimately in to the world of work. They have all contributed at least 30 hours volunteering and some still are and most have progressed.

I have enclosed our SROI document showing the contribution saving and the volunteering return to the state since we started and that figure is £733,708.00. I am also delighted to say that the results of our continuing SROI shows we deliver a Social Return on Investment (SROI) of £3.54 for every £1 of investment or funding. We continued to develop our SFEDI Centre securing direct claims status in 2014 and being nominated in the SFEDI & IOEE Celebrating Enterprise 2015 Awards.

I would welcome the opportunity to represent you in the local community for enterprise & employability steering group and welcome any help and support to gain funding to continue to do what we have set out to do.

I feel we are overlooked because the need for this group is very hard and demanding and the commercial return does not make business sense, but I thought that the money the government was spending was to solve this issue not line CEO’s of the larger institutions pockets?

I do hope you find the time to read and hopefully reply, we will try and continue with the little resources we have.

Best wishes
0845 1281456