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Take a leap of faith & follow your heart?

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

This is exactly what we have done at apprentice supermarket, in our humble opinion an Apprenticeship is for those young people who need help, support, guidance & mentoring in the first stage of their career path.

We have helped over 221 of the "so called lost generation” gain access to a proper and well delivered pre employability course. This has built confidence, self esteem with the aim of guiding them into work experience or a job. For some this is their first step into the real world of work.  

We have helped the homeless, those who are in sheltered accommodation,  drink & drug addicts and ex offenders enter back into the community and allow them to give back in volunteering hours.

With our partner projects we have created over 150 Apprenticeships.

Apprenticeships are not trendy or seen as a career pathway and the reason for this is over the years scheme after scheme has failed to deliver! Seen as cheap labour, not delivered a proper or full framework. Are prime contracts are only chasing the money and not looking at the real outcome?

Who is the one to really suffers? That Young Person of Course!

Why is this?


Poor Career advice at school and then the lack of interaction between the lower or less academic achievers. Suggesting or  providing an alternative route than college. Lack of understanding of the work place, how many teachers have actually worked in a commercial environment?

How many MP’s have visited the "so called lost generation” & actually tracked an individual from leaving school, searching for a job, joining the dole and being put on course after course with no real outcome?

How many Colleges | Training providers are actually tackling this problem OR are the going for the easy option of up skilling existing employed staff…..Is that really an Apprenticeship?

Most of the large providers are going after the Big Companies that can absorb large number of up skilling apprenticeships and making their SCR look good, but what about Joe Blogs’ needing help to expand their SME Business?

The gulf between un-employability & employability is massive! The local SME who could easily achieve the government target of 3 million ACTUALLY need IAG to find the right candidate!!

Has anyone actually asked that young person what they want to do?  What can they do what would they do for the same amount of dole money per week?

We do and you would be amazed at their stories

Too many recruitment companies are filling "temp | perm roles” and dropping them after that short term contract has finished without a care in the world for their feelings or the effect it will have on that young person development in years to come.

We are and want to continue to be different, if you are a local or national company and wanting to take that leap of faith and take on one of the              "so called lost generation” please get in touch and we will work together to achieve this.

If you are a Company and have a CSR Mandate and can help our plight please donate even a £1.00 it all adds up and we will make a change to that young person’s life forever.

Please get in contact call 0845 128 1456 or email